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South Australia

South Australia is one the world’s best kept secrets. It’s a diverse land of wild plains, fertile river valleys, vibrant cultures and a robust economy.

A fertile natural environment

While the popular conception of Australia is of a flat, dry place, South Australia has a diverse and productive ecology. As a result, the region boasts a flourishing agricultural sector, magnificent recreation, and the country’s leading food and wine culture.

A varied economy

South Australia has a diverse economy, ranging from heavy engineering (mining and manufacturing) to food and wine production to health care and social services.

Health care and social services.

Although SA has a smaller population than other Australian states, it has a highly developed health sector, which is the largest employment category in the state. There are opportunities in all areas, including clinical, administrative and community health roles.

Food and wine production

Unlike other states, South Australia was colonised by German migrants, who were keen to preserve their European traditions, and could afford to do so. These people were quick to recognise the region’s productive river valleys for both food farming and wine growing. As a result, the region now boasts Australia’s oldest vines, which have been producing compelling and distinct varietals for 150 years.

But it’s not just all about grapes. South Australia also has strong production capabilities in meat, wool and grain.

Heavy engineering

The South Australian mining sector has a strong employment market. Among other extraction industries, the state boasts the world’s largest uranium mine: Olympic Dam. This has employment opportunities at many different skill levels, from engineers to mechanics to machinery operators and drivers. However, the Australian extraction sectors have shrunk slightly in recent years, so while there are still jobs to be had, there are other growth areas.

A vibrant culture

In addition to a strong economy and flourishing culinary culture, South Australia has one of the oldest, strongest and most prestigious arts festivals in the southern hemisphere. Since its opening in 1950, the festival has hosted such cultural luminaries as Dave Brubeck, Yehudi Menuhin, Allen Ginsberg, Judi Dench, the London Philharmonic and tons more besides.

Alongside this, South Australia has a diverse and multi-ethnic population, supporting a wide range of cultural celebrations the year round. From Chinese and Indian new year to south Pacific festivals, to independent music, film and theatre festivals, nobody’s ever short of an excuse to go out.

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