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Northern Territory

Move to the real Australia – the Northern Territory – and enjoy a relaxed lifestyle, the spirit of adventure, a rich cultural heritage and a land of opportunity.

Image: I reckon Uluru is the best shot. It’s a bit like the Opera House for Sydney: a globally unique icon. Shots of Darwin all look like nothing. All photos of Uluru look more or less the same. I like this one (not © cleared) simply because the clouds look a bit more interesting.

A land of natural beauty

Australia’s Northern Territory is a land of rugged, natural diversity and warm, friendly people. The landscape includes the outback terrain of Australia’s centre, the sweeping endless savannah plains of the Barkly Tablelands and lush tropical north, the Top End. It is a stunning natural environment, with Australia’s most recognised natural wonder Uluru (Ayers Rock) in the south, to Australia’s largest national park, Kakadu, in the north. It is a place of perpetual sunshine, ancient geological marvels, vast wetlands, big cobalt blue skies and boundless, wide open landscapes evoking a spirit of exploration, freedom and adventure.

Rich in culture and diversity

For about 40,000 years, like most of Australia, the Northern Territories was inhabited a stable collection of aboriginal peoples now known collectively as First Australians or Traditional Owners. Today the territory is a vibrant community, bringing together over 70 different cultures, from the First Australians to the European and Chinese pioneers who settled this vast land, to the influence from nearby south-east Asia, to the more recent stimulus of immigrants from around the world.

The traditional owners of the land are immersed in ancient custom and warmly invite you to experience their rich heritage. In the words of Jacob Nayinggal, one of the area’s traditional owners, “Come and hear our stories, see our land. A little bit might stay in your hearts”.

This rich heritage is combined with a youthful approach, with the Northern Territory boasting the youngest population in Australia. The Territorians’ have a down-to-earth attitude and a friendly persona: impossible to resist.

Relaxed outdoor lifestyle

Territorians enjoy a relaxed outdoor lifestyle year-round that is the envy of many Australians. And you will have time to enjoy it; getting to work will take no more than fifteen to twenty minutes and there will be plenty of sunshine left when you return. Camp near a billabong, picnic on a mile long beach, ride a camel through the outback, go off-road four wheel driving, fish for a famous barramundi, visit a working cattle station, swim under a pummelling waterfall, trek through the savannah, cruise through a vast wetland, canoe up a river or enjoy an Aussie BBQ with friends in your own backyard. Sport also forms a part of the Northern Territory’s outdoor lifestyle. Participate or support a wide range of activities including sailing, rugby, Australian Rules Football, soccer, field hockey, martial arts, cricket, netball, basketball, baseball, and enthusiastic runners clubs.

Alternatively, the Northern Territory boasts a strong art and music scene; with national and international touring performances and exhibitions; and an array of talented local artists featuring world famous Indigenous painters. The perfect destination for singles and families.

The capital, Darwin and the major regional town of Alice Springs, offer several shopping precincts featuring major retail outlets and chains, an extensive range of restaurants and nightlife, exciting tourist venues; and act as the administrative centres for the Territory.

The Northern Territory provides high-quality health and social services and has the capacity to supply emergency medical care across northern Australia and the South East Asia regions. The perfect destination for families, the Northern Territory provides a choice of government, private and religious schools (including International Baccalaureate) and tertiary educational institutions.

A booming economy

The Northern Territory is booming; for the past three years, it has been Australia’s fastest growing economy, offering among the nation’s highest salaries and lowest unemployment rates. Major construction projects, its recognition as an international gas hub, growing pastoral and horticulture sectors, numerous mineral discoveries and a developing trade gateway to the ever-growing Asia region, will ensure further expansion over the next decade. As a result, demand is high for skills across many occupations.

The Northern Territory’s commitment

The Northern Territory is committed to building a world-renowned skilled workforce. Join us and be a part of this heer adventure of living and working in the Northern Territory.

Snapshot of the Northern Territory

  • A vast land of opportunity
  • A perfect family environment
  • A booming economy
  • A relaxed lifestyle
  • A rich heritage
  • And a spirit of adventure

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