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New South Wales

With 7 million people, New South Wales is Australia’s most populated state. It’s also one of the most diverse, with abundant national parks, beautiful harbours, the country’s largest city (Sydney) … and a place called Bong Bong.

The economy

The word “hefty” comes to mind. The NSW economy accounts for about one-third of Australia’s GDP and is larger than the national economies of many countries including South Africa, the Phillipines, Thailand and Colombia. By far the largest amount of NSW’s business activity comes from Sydney. As an urban economy, it is both varied and knowledge intensive, with particular strengths in

  • Finance
  • Education
  • Property
  • Information technology & computing
  • Film and TV production
  • Media and communications
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Tourism

Tourism provides a wealth of opportunities with over 26 million visitors a year. For many, New South Wales is the doorway to Australia.

NSW also has a strong and diverse rural economy. About one-third of Australia’s livestock is farmed here, including sheep, pigs and cows. The state produces a wide variety of grain and crops including almost all of the country’s rice, and it also has a strong fishery industry.

And, in the eastern river valleys, there are some 40,000 hectares planted in wine, and New South Wales also produces some of the world’s fastest racehorses. Cheers!

Welcoming skilled and business migrants

The New South Wales Government welcomes skilled and business migrants and students to Sydney and NSW. NSW has many casual, temporary and full-time employment opportunities for working holidaymakers, students, other temporary visa holders and skilled migrants.


It’s a thoroughly modern city with an iconic skyline, a rich culture and a passion for progress.  Sydney offers a secure environment for families, with excellent infrastructure in healthcare, education, transport and telecommunications.

The city is built around its own harbour, which extends some 20 km inland from Australia’s eastern seaboard on the Pacific ocean. This is home to a vast array of recreation and is laced with a large number of efficient ferry services. The Pacific seaboard itself has some of the world’s great beaches. Further to the west, the Blue Mountains provide thousands of hectares of pristine Australian forest, all within a stone’s throw of the CBD.

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