Moving to Australia: assessing your eligibility

For anyone wanting to apply through the Australian General Skilled Migration program, there are some basic requirements that you must meet before continuing with your application.


You must be 50 years old or under when you apply.


You should have sufficient ability in the English language to work in Australia (at least at a competent level across reading, writing and speaking).


You must have post-secondary qualifications and your skills must be assessed by the relevant assessing authority as suitable for your nominated occupation.

Nominated occupation

When you apply, you nominate a skilled occupation which fits your skills and qualifications. Your nominated occupation must be found on the Skilled Occupations List.

Australian qualification exemption

You don’t need to meet the work experience requirement (above) if you have completed an Australian qualification less than six months before lodging your visa application.

Skills assessment

Before you apply, you must have your skills assessed by the Australian assessing authority designated to assess your nominated occupation.

Can you meet all of these requirements? Yes:

Great, you can proceed with your General Skilled Migration visa process – find out more about the SkillSelect application process.

Can you meet all of these requirements? No:

Then Australia’s General Skilled Migration program may not be right for you. Registered migration agents may be able to advise and assist you further – like Working In Visas or Migration Planners.