Moving to Australia is a dream for many and a reality for some

This year Working In Australia celebrates over two decades of helping people move to one of the most beautiful and safest countries on earth.

We host regular webinars on the most important aspects of emigrating to Australia including:

  • How to get started on your road to Australia.
  • Immigration update – the best route to getting a visa and permanent residency.
  • Border updates. Who is currently allowed to enter Australia.
  • How to get a job when you’re not yet in Australia.
  • Future changes to immigration policy and what this means.

We also host webinars specifically for Health and Infrastructure professionals looking to find out more about job opportunities in Australia. These webinars feature our International Recruitment Specialists, along with our regular speakers.


Scott Mathieson – Director – Working In

Co-founder of Working In Australia, Scott has over 25 years’ experience assisting people to move to his much loved country.

Paul Goddard – Licensed Immigration Adviser and Employment Consultant – Working In

Paul is our UK based Licensed Immigration Adviser and Employment Consultant. A previous winner of the BBC show ‘Win a Life in New Zealand’ Paul left the UK in 2003 and has spent 17 years in New Zealand. He is currently living back in the UK assisting those making the move to New Zealand and Australia.

Monique Power – Journey and Migration Consultant – Working In

Monique is New Zealand born to Dutch migrant parents. After having lived in both countries, she now considers NZ her home. She is truly interested in your story and passionate about helping people like you on your journey to this beautiful country and showing you how and where to start.

Paul Arthur – Relocation expert – Working In

A global relocation expert, Paul connects those looking to make the move to Australia with the very best relocation companies. For everything from pension transfers to pet shipping and banking, Paul can guide and support your relocation process.

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We look forward to helping make your Australia dream a reality!