I’m here and working – now what?

Hanna is Working In’s Visa Delivery Manager and a British expat herself, having made the move back in 2008. Here she takes a look at what to do once you’ve cleared the first hurdle – you’re in Australia, you’re working – what next?

You’ve done a brilliant job of getting here and things are working out well, the hard graft is over – or maybe it’s just starting.

You’re in a new country and have to start over again. You may be missing family and friends. You may not have brought your personal things with you, having had the intention of buying new things once you arrived. You may be struggling to find your way around and get to your feet.

Don’t worry – so are all of the other new arrivals! No one said it would be easy but you have to give yourself the best chance of happiness. Get yourself out there and meet new people. Join a club, try some new hobbies, look online at expat groups and social meet up organisations. It doesn’t have to cost anything, some of them are free! You may find out that you dislike Japanese food and you’re crap at skiing, but you may discover you’re a natural paddle boarder and have a secret love of Australia’s Cherry Ripe bars.

Check out online deals for cheap weekend breaks, kiteboarding lessons or perhaps theatre events. There is always so much going on, you just have to look for it.

There may be a social club at work, a parents group at your kid’s kindy, a running club next to your flat … there are adverts everywhere showing you opportunities for you to get involved. Why not volunteer to help with the marathon, with the sea scouts, perhaps help a collection for a charity? Perhaps rather than shying away from things, get out there says yes. If you don’t enjoy yourself then simply say no next time.

Always remember that you aren’t alone and that there are hundreds of other people in a similar situation who you can help you make the most of this experience, as they may be able to help you.

What next?