Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is a couple of thousand of square kilometers in the middle of NSW in which thrives our nation’s capital, Canberra. Like most political outcomes, Canberra is the result of a heated argument. Back in 1913 nobody could decide which city should become the capital: Melbourne or Sydney. So to settle the squabble they figured – what the hell – just build a new one somewhere in between. No worries, mate!

Image: something like this. Shows imperial style of architecture denoting “capital”, and it’s good to include the lake to dispel the idea of the desert. Hills in the background is good too. Lastly, night shot is good for disguising the actually rather ratty looking landscape.

The Nation’s Capital

Most cities evolve. But Canberra was conceived, designed and created, and you can sense this as you travel through its well planned roads and precincts. Home to over 370,000 people, much of what is best about Australia can be found in Canberra. It’s just two hour’s drive from the beautiful south coast beaches of New South Wales and Australia’s largest winter snowfields, and boasts tons of outdoor fun including mountain biking, golf and sailing on lake Burly Griffin (named after the city’s Chicago-based architect).

Add to all that a voracious local appetite for the arts, a collection of world-class museums and galleries and an overflowing cultural calendar, and nobody’s got any excuse for boredom. With around 30 per cent of the population born overseas, Canberra is a truly multicultural city.

Canberra also has Australia’s lowest unemployment and highest average wages, offering fantastic employment opportunities across a range of industries. Obviously, if the government sector is your thing, then Canberra is your place. And with average commute of just 20 minutes means you’ll spend less time in traffic and more time doing the things you love.

With first-rate schools and universities, quality health care and a clean, safe environment, Canberra ticks all the boxes!